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A Sideloader, or a Sidelifter as it is sometimes called, is a versatile and cost-effective way of loading, transporting and unloading containers and other cargo.

Side Loading Trailers for Limited Access Areas

Mounted on a truck or trailer, the Sideloading Trailer (or Sidelifter) can operate with minimal manpower and without any additional equipment, minimizing waiting time, planing and making it possible to deliver seamless, competitive service.

Davacon Lifting are experts when it comes to Machinery installation and Factory/Plant relocation. We specialize in limited access areas that may have low roof and awkward floor plans.


Davacon Side Loading Trailers for Meticulous Planning

Machinery removals and relocations require meticulous planning and our highly trained and experienced staff use the latest vehicles and lifting equipment when undertaking every factory relocation. As every relocation has it's own set of difficulties and issues, Davacon Lifting utilise a range of expert techniques coupled with in-depth planning to insure the success of the project.




Factory Relocations and Transportation of Machinery

Relocating heavy machinery as part of factory relocation or new purchase is Davacon Lifting’s field of expertise. We specialize in the relocation of factories and plants and transportation of machinery and equipment.

Business expansion or closure may relocation can be a logistical nightmare but Davacon Lifting can take care of all aspects of your machinery move and install. We specialise in installs with limited access and difficult areas of approach. Perhaps a low roof or an awkward layout – we can assess and advise and implement the best course of action on the machine install.

Our specialists consultants will provide full planning for the machine installation and offer a full skating and rigging service as well as the heavy machinery lifting equipment to ensure a safe and professional install.

If you are planning to remove a machine and need relocation services to transport and install the heavy machinery at another location, Davacon Lifting can provide the complete solution.

When you have heavy  equipment to move that requires precision and expert transportation and installation call us at Davacon Lifting and you’ll be in safe hands.