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Factory Relocations and Transportation of Machinery

Limited Access Areas

Davacon Lifting are experts when it comes to Machinery installation and Factory/Plant relocation. We specialize in limited access areas that may have low roof and awkward floor plans.

Providing a full skating and rigging service, Davacon Lifting have the experience and specialist equipment necessary to handle all machine moving to complete a full factory relocation. Our skilled team plans each step when undertaking a factory and plant relocation and our a level of care and attention to detail is unsurpassed in the industry.

Meticulous Planning

Machinery removals and relocations require meticulous planning and our highly trained and experienced staff use the latest vehicles and lifting equipment when undertaking every factory relocation. As every relocation has it's own set of difficulties and issues, we utilise a range of expert techniques coupled with in-depth planning to insure the success of the project.